Veggie ‘Steak’ – Granddad’s Zucchini Goodness

Zucchini Patch

Zucchini Patch

Happy New Year in the Common Era / BC timescale. We may celebrate another one for other occasions. No reason wasted to celebrate! I’m starting light into the new year. Recipe-wise at least. A ‘recipe’ requiring just three ingredients and a turner and a pan. Easy, fresh and sooo yummy. More of a cooking suggestion, really, but SOOO YUMMY! Unfortunately, this will be difficult for those of us who just passed winter solstice! But you have the chance to plan and grow your own next summer! And the ‘recipe’ is easy to remember!

This year is the first in my life, in which I am lucky to have my own zucchinis from a little cucurbit patch. And I LET THEM GROW BIG JUST LIKE ‘OPA’ did! There’s a variety of cultivars growing, green and yellow zucchini, some things that are categorized as squashes, pumpkins and the like. ALL THE CUCURBITS *nomnom


Zucchini Steak Sizzling

Zucchini Steak Sizzling

Butter Zucchini ‘Steaks’

I’m cheating a little bit. The recipe is not from granddad, but from my wonderful mum, but granddad – ‘Opa’ – brought around those massive zucchinis. For YEARS I wondered why no one ever offered them in stores. The small ones are tedious and taste bitter. Even though someone on TV said the large ones were. Bitter? Really? To me, the large ones have a mature, velvety texture with an almost juicy taste when raw, but become solid decent thick zucchini ‘steak’ disks, which need to be taken absolutely deliciously serious, when fried in butter with a little salt. The large zucchinis were the ones I knew until granddad passed away. I so cherish his zuchinis in hindsight, I would not know what I miss, if it wasn’t for his gardening. Serve by themselves, for breakfast or with your favourite rice or pasta and you can serve with scrambled eggs, tofu or steak if you would like some protein. They are not too bad cold as well for a picnic!

Serves 4
Preparation: 5 min
Cooking time:  25 min

  • Chopping board and knives
  • Pan and turner


  • 1 zucchini, large, I mean seriously large (30 cm long, 8-12 cm diameter)
  • butter for frying
  • salt to taste, best if using ‘fleur de sel’ or ‘Himalayan’ or similarly high in trace elements
Zucchini Steak

Zucchini Steak


  1. Chop the ends of the massive zucchini, then slice it into disks about 1 cm thick. Do leave the seeds in, they are particularly yummy. If you don’t like them, invite me around to eat them!
  2. Heat the butter in the pan on low to medium heat and fry the zucchini disks from both sides until soft or lightly browning.
  3. Enjoy warm with a sprinkle of salt!


You can also do this under the grill, with the zuchini disks lightly covered in oil and adding a piece of cold butter for serving! I’m sure they are good as well, if using just frying oil if you want to leave out dairy, but the buttery taste will, for sure, be missing.


On a side note:
In German it’s easier to distinguish the names of Cucurbita. The long shiny green things are cucumbers (there is only few other cucumbers available generally), the long not so shiny green things with speckles are zucchini (come sometimes in yellow) and (almost) everything else is called Kürbis (~pumkin/squash/younameit). Easy as that!

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