Kitchen Hacks – Not-just-as-soggy Microwaved ‘Crispy’ Food

Chicko's Corn Jack in Microwave

Chicko’s Corn Jack in Microwave

Got this one from a friend, I’m sure there are many who know this, but I didn’t and others may find it helpful:
When heating or re-heating food that usually is or was fried, wrap a paper towel around it while microwaving. I’ve tried this for items that needed microwaving on high for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The paper towel will balance the humidity around the food, avoiding it from getting too soggy. It’s not gonna get crisp, don’t get me wrong. It’s just going less goo-ey, which already improves the situation.

Don’t put a paper towel in the microwave by itself or for way too long, it may start burning. That’s usually not a super huge deal in my opinion, if it’s just one paper towel, but you may make everything all smoldery and it’s definitely not good for your microwave.

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