Kitchen Hacks – Microwave Cleaning made easier

Microwave Cleaning

Microwave Cleaning

Microwaves get dirty. No matter how careful you are with putting a lid on, but at some stage it was placed on badly, you forgot, it moved off or for some other reason you’d like to clean your microwave. Trying to get off the caked-on stuff is not necessarily an easy feat. Unless, however, you just microwaved a bowl of water. I noticed this making pasta in the microwave, which I learned from my housemate and use when in a hurry or really busy and I can’t watch the pot. So from now on, whenever I feel the microwave needs a clean, I ‘steam’ the microwave by putting a deep microwave safe bowl with some water in it and bringing the water to a nice roaring boil for about a minute. Make sure you take a bowl that’s high enough to contain the boiling water. Otherwise you have to remove boiling hot water from the bottom of the microwave. Either way, all the tiny caked on food splashes are largely humidified and can be removed with a lot less hard work!

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