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This blog is still in its infancy, but I hope you enjoy what’s here already! Also, I am still very new to the blog-business, so things change, some go funny and I’m trying to figure out to make it nicer to use. Give me time or hints 😉

ALL my posts and pictures are free to re-blog and re-post with due copyright mentioning/referencing and a link to my original blog entry, if the only thing you gain is a nice blog entry yourself, or a twitter tweet, facebook post or some comments or comparable. I reserve the copyright for any use that is of commercial or other value and for these purposes, an agreement on the terms of use is essential prior to the use. Contact me for this.
I try to do this on my side as much as possible myself. Please drop me a note, if I did not mention the source!

As a late-thierties German ex-pat in Australia, creative food is a passion of mine, which I like to share with my friends. The internet is a wonderful source of recipes, ideas and description of failed attempts, food chemistry and ingredient sources. This rich source has been inspiration and help in uncounted ways for me, so I wish to give back a little bit of this with this blog. I usually cite or credit the source in one way or another, but most recipes will have some changes and are thus mine, or my families, unless otherwise mentioned. Having lived outside of Germany for almost 10 years, I have missed German bread, Iglu Rahmspinat and Miracoli, having lived in France I fell in love with Baguette, Orangina and Madeleines and the Australian food culture exposed me to a plethora of new, mainly British or Asian food impressions, which are all way too delicious to keep to myself.

I hope this page allows people like me to learn from my experiences (e.g. failures *coughcough), suggest new ideas and just simply enjoy the incredible rich food world we live in.

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