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Painful things – How to never have a Food Moth problem

Pantry moths, food moths, Indian meal moth, whichever name they go by in your place – you don’t want them. At all. Ever. We recently had an infestation and that kept me super busy for more than 4 weeks. There was nothing I could do about it, since my housemates just never had them and […]

Microwave Cleaning

Kitchen Hacks – Microwave Cleaning made easier

Microwaves get dirty. No matter how careful you are with putting a lid on, but at some stage it was placed on badly, you forgot, it moved off or for some other reason you’d like to clean your microwave. Trying to get off the caked-on stuff is not necessarily an easy feat. Unless, however, you […]

The flat, the upright and the ugly – Spoon and Ladle Rests

We all had that problem. Dirty spoons, turners, ladles and things just don’t store well in the pot or pan while cooking. Some burn, sometimes they prevent the lid to close, they drip, they make things messy, but we want to keep them close by and not put them in the sink to clean just […]