The “how to” for my recipes

There are plenty of awesome pages for converting measures. From ounzes (U.S.) to cups (Australian) to grams and mL. One really good one to start is from Traditionaloven. Unitjuggler is another one. I will, in time, post several other good pages here which I use, but for now rely on your ability to search others for yourself.
Still, some words on my recipes may help:

I use weight rather than volume for most flour-like measures. Why I do so is explained in this Weight vs. Volume – flour (and stuff) post. If people post me their conversions, I’m happy to add them to my recipes as a help for those without scales, but come absolutely without guarantee! If you need to substitute one flour type for another, try volume replacements though. Some pages like The Art of Gluten Free Baking mention it works better than weighing (for a given “fluffyness” of flour I guess).

I use the symbol “L” for liter everywhere – also in handwriting. This is to avoid confusion of “l” and “i”,”I” and the U.S.-style “1”. It just makes it simpler and is also officially recognized (the scientist background shines through).

I abbreviate grams with “g” as generally used in the sciences.

A pinch of something is usually a small amount fitting between your thumb and your index. Use more or less to your liking. I recommend my great-grandma’s advice, use a pinch of salt in every sweet dish, use a pinch of sugar in every savory dish. It DOES make a (small) difference.

A teaspoon (tsp, 5 mL) and tablespoon (Tbsp, 25 mL) are abbreviated so that they are easy to distinguish and refer to a lightly heaped version of it straight out of the stock ingredient. In general, this means a more exact amount is not critical for the success of the dish.

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