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My Magic Monster – After 9 months of Kenwood Cooking Chef

Kenwood Cooking Chef – A Magic Monster I didn’t have a kitchen machine/food processor/mixer for years, but have wanted one for a long time. No room, no justification for the expense as a student etc. However, last year, after having handed in my PhD I thought I deserve a REAL treat. Like one, that will […]

Skewer Knife Block

Kitchen Hacks – Skewer Knife Block

The World Wide Brain Exchange i.e. Internet had this little jewel for me. Tired of storing knives in an ever overflowing compartment of the divider in the kitchen drawer, risking my fingers to get cut in the process, I searched for a cheap and adaptable idea to store the knives which had not yet a […]

My Magic Monster – A Kenwood Cooking Chef Review and Comparison

The Kenwood Cooking Chef Kitchen Mixer and Food Processor. It’s lengthy, it has a lot of my last 3 months experience and search on the web in it and I hope this helps people deciding whether this is the right one for them. It certainly is for me!